Rooted in Canadian Heritage and Standards, Al Riya Water has just arrived on the magnificent desert scene of Doha, Qatar. Our CEO, who is a Canadian Citizen, has spent the last few years traveling around the World. In his recent visit to Qatar he quickly learned what was missing in this sandy paradise; Exceptional Quality Service. In Canada it’s no secret that great importance is given to quality service and customer satisfaction. He then wanted to provide Qatar and its inhabitants with the best available drinking water along with outstanding Customer Service.

“Each Customer matters to us” says our CEO; it’s not enough to simply deserve the best, it’s also important to receive the best”. Together with his team of well trained staff and employees, Al Riya is looking forward to provide the people of Qatar and the remaining GCC with pure, natural, refreshing water along with on time delivery, hassle free payment methods and a hospitality that would turn every customer into Al Riya family. Water is a daily part of everyone’s life. With our Water Services we wish to help enrich the lives of each and every one of our clients.

Al Riya: let us quench your thirst for Great Water and Quality Service. Because here at Al Riya we truly believe that You Deserve The Best.

Why Choose Al Riya?

Al Riya is determined in setting a new bar of excellence when it comes to quality service. Our primary focus is customer satisfaction. While we see numerous other companies over promising and under delivering, we hope to do the exact opposite. We’re not here to tell you we’ve found Holy Water or that we will be available to make deliveries to your door step at a second’s notice, but we will make sure that you have water when and where you need it. Our team is highly specialized in customer service, hospitality, punctuality and time management. We promise our clients to never let them go thirsty without having the best purified water at their disposal.


A word from our Chairman

Mr. Hammad Saleh M Al-Marri

I believe that with our well trained staff and standard for quality service and satisfaction, Al Riya Water will become a permanent part of everyone's lifestyle in Qatar. I feel to be able, to replinish ones body with water is a blessing. I'm very fortunate to be a part of the process. Allah is magnificent in every way. I thank Allah for bringing me such an ambitious, passionate and hard working Business Partner from Canada. I loved Siva's vision and energy from the very first time I sat down with him. He is poised to become a very successful entrepreneur and businessman in Qatar. Al Riya truly believes that Qatar deserves the best and we will do everything we can to ensure the people of Qatar incredible services and the very best in customer satisfaction. Join us to save it and share it with the World.

A word from our CEO

Sivanesan Rajendram

It's not every day you meet someone who is willing to sit down and give an ear to your dreams and ambitions. I am incredibly grateful and humbled by this opportunity to work with such a great man towards achieving heightened success throughout Qatar and the rest of the World. This is the best Canada Qatar Alliance I have made thus far. A very heartfelt thank You to my Sponsor, Mr. Hammad Saleh M Al-Marri for believing in me and opening the gates of Qatar. I will forever be indebted to your kindness and character. Al Riya is only the beginning. We will grow Together. Inshallah.